Histories are held by the land. Calling this history into the present is to make the past visible, to hold the stories in the body, to allow the earth to speak.
— Karen Hall, Art Project curator

This art project that will bring together local contemporary artists with the archaeological dig to respond to the specific histories of a site and explore the possibilities of envisioning connections to the past through ephemeral and performative work and documentation. Artworks offer a way of imagining, exploring and sharing the layered histories held by the probation station site, and to share the experience of a generally inaccessible place with the wider community. Using ephemeral and performative works will emphasis the temporal gap at the heart of this project – the speculative envisioning of the past speaking to the present.

2015 Exhibition



Sawtooth ARI, November 2015.

The Kerry Lodge Art Project is supported by the University of Tasmania.