Dr Karen Hall

Dr Hall is a lecturer in theory at the Tasmanian College of the Arts, University of Tasmania, and curator of the Kerry Lodge Art Project. Her research interests revolve around how the past is reimagined in the present.

2016 Artists

Robert Boldkald

Wendy McGrath

Graeme Miles

Julie Montgarrett

Lydia Nicholson

Mary Peacock

Amelia Rowe

Patrick Sutczak

Helene Weeding

2015 Artists

Dr Jen Brown

Dr Brown is an artist whose work explores ideas of movement, time, place, human and non-human interactions through sound, photography and projection.

Caroline Heine

Caroline Heine is an experienced archaeological artist who has worked in Australia and internationally.

Patrick Sutczak

Patrick Sutczak is an artist, writer and researcher concerned with ideas of place, duration, interaction and observation. He is a sessional lecturer in Interdisciplinary Practice at the Tasmanian College of the Arts.